Sustainable practices

Our commitment to sustainability – much like our approach to business – is one of partnership and shared dedication amongst our leadership, onsite team members, and higher education partners.

From involvement in environmental campaigns to development of campus-wide temperature policies, we collaborate with students, faculty, and staff to care for the environment.

Ultimately, our motivation far exceeds a policy statement. It’s just the right thing to do.

That’s why we extend the standard scope of services in supplemental areas consistent with the groundbreaking work of the Sustainable Endowments Institute. We concentrate on measurable results for an approach that contributes real value to your sustainability goals. 

Actions we take that back our commitment to a more sustainable world include:

environmental education for team members 
reduced consumption of raw materials & energy
water conservation measures
compliance with environmental laws
analysis of waste streaming
sustainable construction & renovation

Additional services

From training and certification to the supplies and equipment we use daily, we live our commitment whenever possible – ultimately benefiting your green mission as well.

At your request, we can expand our scope of services to include maintenance of:

  • Climate action plans
  • Carbon footprint analysis
  • Environmental management plans

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