A tested process

Your campus benefits from the tested process we’ve developed over years of experience. Just some of the benefits of our QA program include:

  • Enhanced client involvement
  • Broad organizational access to data
  • Customizations according to APPA space designations
  • Proactive identification and resolution of deficiencies
  • Improved work order management
  • Trend analysis for program enhancement
  • Quarterly client reports
  • Customized programs based on your unique goals and challenges


We perform daily inspections on every campus we serve, with the goal of comprehensively inspecting your full campus each month.


Verifying cleaning outcomes through statistically significant random inspections is critical to ensuring the work is being performed in accordance with the defined scope of work.


Our partner institutions stay in the loop with detailed reporting and trend analysis. As data about your campus is recorded in detail, we identify successes and areas of improvement, and share those with you.

continuous improvement

Our systematic approach allows for real-time verification of completed tasks. This also enables us to coach team members in real-time or adjust your campus program as needed, in order to optimize outcomes.

backed by technology

GoSpotCheck is a robust QA system that assures tasks are performed and verified, with customized reporting that keeps you in the loop at all times.

  • Ensures custodial excellence by providing time and date stamps as cleaning tasks are completed.
  • Team members can verify completed tasks via photo verification.
  • Higher education partners and WFF team members at all levels have access to our QA system, reinforcing our culture of accountability.
  • Our campus partners can submit requests or communicate defects via our QA system, even sharing photos to ensure effective interpretation.
  • Tracks trends over time, allowing us to suggest enhancements tailored to your unique campus.
  • Can include barcoding, UV testing, and ATP testing by request.

for results that matter

Client satisfaction
Client retention
Years of service

Client Testimonials

We cherish our higher education partners and the powerful relationships we’ve built.

Here is some of the recent feedback we’ve received from our higher education partners across the country.

“It gives me great comfort knowing that we have such a dedicated partner, going above and beyond every single day and night, to ensure our campus is safe and well kept.”

Corey L. Ruff, Associate Vice President, Operations

abilene christian university

“Your company is providing a critical service without which we could not keep our campus open.”

Adil Khan, CFO

logan university

“The environment we are in is one I never imagined I would experience. That being said, I want to thank yourself and the entire WFF organization for their dedication during this very difficult time. The housekeeping staff has been nothing short of remarkable and they continue to perform their responsibilities at a high level.”

Steve Danik, CFO

coppin state university

Thanks for staying in touch and for your encouraging words. These are challenging times, and at the same time, truly opportune moments to serve others. I am grateful for WFF’s partnership.“

John L. Wood, Associate Director of Facilities Management

The University of Tulsa

“I appreciate all of your support. Vickie and the entire WFF team have been fantastic – jumping in whenever called.”

Kevin M. Kreide, Associate Vice President for Facilities

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

“Thank you, Jonathan. WFF staff are part of the college family. We appreciate the staff and you.”

Dr. Angela M. Garcia Falconetti, President

polk state college

“This is a stressful time for all, and I find my main job is helping our team acknowledge the stress and continue to serve. I appreciate how WFF has been a good partner through all of this.”

Robert P. Schwartz, Associate Vice President, Facilities Services

seattle university

“Please know that our experiences with your crews at our sites have underscored our belief that we are in good hands. Not only are we confident in the response times, but also in the quality of the work performed.”

George R. Urbano, District Director of Facilities

polk state college

“Your team is vital for us at this time. We appreciate your commitment to our students and staff.”

Dr. Trevor Kubatzke, President

lake michigan college

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