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In keeping with our mission and values, WFF actively seeks out and cultivates the most qualified, highly skilled, and caring team members. We value each team member and the unique contributions they add to our team.

The dedication of our workers is the driving force behind great results. We know that the team members on your campus are, in fact, ambassadors of both WFF and your institution.

Selecting the best team members is critical to our mission and values. WFF’s 45-plus years of experience not only afford us critical insight into the various labor markets across the country, they’ve helped us maintain a longstanding reputation as an outstanding company to work for.

We’re proud to serve campus environments across the country, with a special focus on higher education.

  • Colleges and universities
  • K-12 schools
  • Other campus environments

partnership & flexibility

Qualities of character, integrity, and high personal standards may be intangible, but for WFF – as for you – they make the difference between a business agreement and a true partnership.

We are prepared to be true partners.

Colleges and universities are wrestling with new challenges in our post-pandemic world: Intensified cleaning standards, fluctuating enrollment numbers, and phased returns to campus, for example.

We are excited to share our solutions with you, from COVID-19 mitigation strategies to flexible service levels that adjust to your changing needs.

With a singular focus on facility services for campus environments, we work to provide a cost-effective, tailored facility services program that exceeds your expectations.

Over time, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our continuous investments in team member training, subject matter experts (SMEs), and emerging technology.

the right people in the right places

The quality of our team members is of paramount importance to the success and well-being of any business, and is most certainly critical to creating the ideal campus environment.

WFF Facility Services has focused exclusively on serving the education market since our founding in 1974. We have been honored to serve a multitude of institutions over the years. 

Our partners rest easier knowing our guiding values are complementary to their own, and that we can be a trusted resource. In fact, WFF seeks out only those partnerships that align with our mission.

This proven approach benefits colleges and universities by creating strong personal connections and trust within a mutually fulfilling, successful business relationship. 

Your leadership will enjoy a collaborative environment, where we strive to become an extension of your own team and your needs are placed first.

Leadership development

Your onsite director

One of our most effective tools in assuring customer satisfaction is having a proactive director.

By walking buildings, visually inspecting results, and talking with building occupants, your onsite director knows how well we are performing and can respond accordingly.

This close relationship creates an effective, responsible single point of contact and an extension of your team.

Our philosophy is to empower, not just hold accountable.

Your campus benefits from the training each director receives, to foster business skills, instill leadership, and show how to build a team and culture that manifests WFF’s mission and vision.

Continuing education and support are fundamental aspects of our program, as well. Our managers regularly attend offsite training programs, and all leaders are encouraged to obtain industry certifications including APPA, IFMA, and RBSM.

As part of our commitment to your campus, WFF also hosts an annual leadership conference at our corporate headquarters in St. Louis. There, our directors convene to train, learn, and share best practices.

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